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Nasza oferta

Vienna objects and rituals

Wydawnictwo: Könemann
Autor: praca zbiorowa
Nakład wyczerpany
Oprawa: miękka, Format: 27x32 cm, Stron: 80, 1997 rok, tekst: angielski

Vienna is wealthy and conservative city that values and exploits its history. Its inner city is brimful with luscious architectural confectionery, a heritage that is a source of both local pride and thourist revenue. This book explores how five architects – Rudiger Lainer in the Seilergasse penthouse, Hermann Czech in the MAK-Cafe, Driendl & Steixner in the SKALA-Bar, Helmut Richter in the Kinkplatz Scool, and Eichinger oder Knechtl in the Jewish Museum and First Floor bar – have negotiated the demands of planners and politicians, heritage and high technology to create modern architecture in this context, buildin abrove or within the old fabric, ignoring the Viennese idiom with a high-tech gesture, or enlarging the architect`s sphere of activity to include not just the city, but also the events that only take place in the city.