Web Design Index by Content 1

Okładka: miękka, Format: 22,5x17 cm, Stron: 528, 2007, książka w języku: polskim, angielskim, francuskim, włoskim, hiszpańskim, niemieckim, japońskim, rosyjskim, portugalski, koreański

Web Design Index by Content contains a selection of 500 websites arranged by subject. Two pages from each site are incled: one opening page and one page that is representative of the site. Enclosed is a CD-ROM containing a browser and a one-click facility to view and access the selected sites. Together the book and CD-ROM offer a comprehensive overview of web design standards in many different fields.

The Pepin Press/Agile Rabbit Editions web design indexes are international best-sellers, with about a quarter of a million copies sold worldwide.

For more information, visit www.webdesignindex.org