Where Architects stay. Lodgings for Design Enthusiasts

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ISBN 978-3-03768-208-1

Oprawa: miękka, Format: 19x23 cm, Stron: 193, 300 pictures,  2016 r

It bodes well when architecture meets vacation. It is a combination that promises relaxation and pleasure, inspiration and style, all in one. 

Every one of the more than 60 vacation domiciles pre-sented in this guide to architecture and accommodation is a unique jewel that meets, perhaps even exceeds, the high esthetic expectations of the traveling architect. A brief encounter with any one of these will make the heart of every design enthusiast beat a little faster.

Each of these very special lodgings is distinguished by the highest stylistic quality, personal touches, originality and passion for detail: Whether minimalist, experimental, posh or lavish; whether newly built or refurbished; whether houseboat, luxury loft or treehouse; whether one-time church, vineyard, mill or pump room; whether located in the trendiest metropolis, high in the mountains or on a remote coastline; whether holiday home, resort, glamping or bed and breakfast...


  • See 31 in Traunkirchen, Austria (Lakonis Architekten)
  • Mill House in Stalham, England (Acme)
  • Tepoztlán Lounge in Mexico (Cadaval & Solà-Morales)
  • Tower House on Mani Peninsula, Greece (Z-level, Elena Zervoakis)
  • Manshausen Island Resort in Steigen, Norway (Stinessen Arkitektur)