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Would You like to See the House?: Unapologetic Interiors Filled With Color, Verve, Oh And There's A Door On The Ceiling!

Wydawnictwo: Rizzoli Inter. Publ.
Autor: Lorraine Kirke
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219,00 zł


Oprawa: twarda, Format: cm, Stron: 224, 2016 r.

Written by Lorraine Kirke, Contribution by Lena Dunham, Mariska Hargitay and Lola Kirke, Photographed by Patti Stoecker

The first book from celebrated interior designer Lorraine Kirke. Acclaimed designer Lorraine Kirke deftly creates rooms that meld antique and contemporary bohemia with an exquisite flair for invention. Using a bold color palette, fearless wallpaper designs, and a daringly eclectic mix of furniture, Kirke achieves a punk-luxe aesthetic that is as inviting as it is arrestingly beautiful. Would You Like to See the House is a visual tour de force filled with inspirational ideas on how to successfully bring color and life into your home. From bookshelves made from found pieces of old doors to cabinets fitted with vintage refrigerator parts to a ceiling covered with multicolored tin pieces, this lavish book shows us how to be resourceful and courageous with design choices. Featuring more than 200 stunning photographs and organized by house, the book invites us to discover every room of each home highlighting Kirke’s highly innovative ideas. With contributions from Kirke’s clients and friends, and the designer’s multitalented daughters Jemima, Domino, and Lola, Would You Like to See the House is an irresistible celebration of creativity and imaginative design.

About the Author

Lorraine Kirke is an interior designer and the owner of Geminola, a vintage clothing boutique in New York. 

Patti Stoecker is a photographer and the owner of Posh Vintage, a vintage clothing boutique in Miami Beach.