Young Visionaries. The New Generation of Architects

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  • Producent: Braun
  • Dostępność: Tytuł na zamówienie
  • 159,00 zł

ISBN 978-3-03768-233-3

Oprawa: twarda,  Format: 23,5x23,5 cm, Stron: 320, 480 pictures, 2018 r.

What will architecture be like in the coming years and decades? Are new trends and tendencies emerging? This book presents architects and companies of all schools and styles that could determine the future of construction – and highly likely will do so.

With a few already implemented buildings, they have caught the attention of the sector experts and opened the eyes of the general public to what is coming. Short portraits of the protagonists and their respective design principles are complemented by the presentation of individual works. This gives the reader an insight into the architecture of tomorrow along with an understanding of the design principles on which it is based.


  •    AMKNA Design Stio (Dubai)
  •    Stio Christian Wassmann (USA)
  •    H&P Architects (Vietnam)
  •    Heri&salli (Austria)
  •    Barcode Architects (the Netherlands)